Paniers de Légumes


Sizes and prices for 15 weeks

$ 23 / week


Solo - 345$


$ 30 / week


Duo - 450$


$ 35 / week


Concerto - 525$


Payment $

We offer you two types of instalments:


  • One payment at subscription


  • Two instalments

        - First payment of half the price of the basket;
        - Second payment of the second half of the basket,                postponed on June 1 st .

You can cancel your subscription 30 days following your first payment. After this delay, we will charge you fees of 25 % of the total price of your basket.

No refunds after June 1 st .


You do not want certain products?

When picking up your basket and there are  vegetables left, it is possible for you to exchange

certain products. This measure  has

been implemented to benefit

everybody with diversity.

Unavailable to pick up your basket

Going on vacation?

You may put your basket on hold for a maximum of 2 weeks throughout the season, by letting us know in person 1 week in advance. A signature will be required.

If you are unable to pick up your basket and cannot ask anyone to come pick up your basket, you will be eligible to ''vegetable credits''. You will receive credits ($ 23 SOLO size, $ 30 DUO size and $ 35 CONCERTO size) for every missed week. The credit is only good on vegetables, it is not refundable and will be deducted on the next year bill.

Example: Marie takes a SOLO basket for $ 345. She goes on vacation for 2 weeks in Mexico. She does not send anyone to pick up her baskets during these two weeks. The following year, Marie will get a $ 46 discount (the cost of 2 weeks worth of SOLO baskets). She will therefore only pay $ 299 for her basket season.

date importante

Nous communiquons par courriel, à nos partenaires, au mois de juin, pour la date officielle du commencement des paniers.

Il est sujet de la dernière semaine du mois de juin ou la première semaine du mois de juillet. Tout est une question de météo.

Deliveries and handouts of baskets

You can pick up your weekly basket directly at the farm on Mondays between 4:00 and 6:00 pm and on Tuesdays between 4:30 and 6:30 pm.

Choose carefully the day you wish to come at the farm. If you choose to get your basket on Mondays, you will have to come on Mondays for the whole 15 weeks. You cannot change your pick up day throughout the season.


If you cannot pick up your basket at the farm, we also offer to deliver the basket directly to your house. Fees of $ 0.50 per kilometer will be charged.

You have two options:

#1: If you wish to get your basket delivered every week, select Delivery, when you subscribe. Baskets will be delivered on Wednesdays after 3:00 pm.

#2: If you choose to pick up your basket on Monday or Tuesday but you are unable to come get your basket, you can still get your basket delivered at home, simply by calling us, emailing us or telling us in person at the farm, in advance. Baskets will be delivered on Wednesdays after 3:00 pm.

Delivery instructions will be sent to you by email.



Forgotten or unclaimed baskets

You cannot pick up your cart for any reason?

Send someone to pick it up for you!

You can also give or sell your basket to someone around you.

After 3 days, unclaimed baskets will be donated to a local food organization / charity. Ex: La maison de la famille, Coop alimentaire...

Mutual commitment

The farm :

We are committed to providing our partners with a variety of fresh vegetables, produced with passion and dedication to responsible environmentally friendly practices. Our partners are given the opportunity and have access to take part in educational work-shops throughout the season.

Our partners :

Commit to financially supporting their local family farmer by making payments according to agreed terms. This partnership is the central pillar of community-supported agriculture. It allows the farm to plan the upcoming season and make the necessary investments while sharing the risk that can be linked to the hazards of Mother Nature.
Our partners also undertake to pick up their basket at the agreed date and time.



The vegetables in your baskets come exclusively from our farm and are available according to the evolution of the agricultural season and the generosity of Mother Nature. We grow more than 50 vegetables and more than 10 varieties of herbs.

Every week, you will have about ten varieties of vegetables at your disposal for your basket. Find your favorites in abundance and let us surprise you at times with some unexpected vegetable surprises.


                     Our 2018 Catalog (PDF). 





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